¿Need a babysitter?
24 hours Nanny

Take a break

We take care of your children 24 hours wherever and whenever you want. 

Our bilingual babysitters are available to go to hotels, villas, boats, houses...

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Free yourself of the pushchair
Pushchair parking

You can leave your pushchair in our pushchair park until it’s time to return for your little one

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And in summer… let’s play!
Summer school

Summer school for children aged 3-6 with various leisure activities and entertainment from an educational viewpoint and varied themes such as using recycled materials, outdoor games and fun excursions. All accompanied by bilingual instructors who will ensure your little ones have fun while absorbing the English language

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Tic, tac, tic, tac


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It’s time to eat!
Dining room

All our children’s meals have been designed by a nutritionist to ensure that your child will receive the right balance and quantity of nutrients for their needs. Meals are prepared in our own kitchen daily, with great care, and taking into account each child’s needs with respect to allergies, intolerances etc

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